Zia Saquib joined C-DAC as a Member of Technical Staff (MTS) in 2002. Initially, he headed the Advanced Computing Training School and the e-Governance Software Group and was later elevated to the position of Executive Director, C-DAC Mumbai in January 2006. C-DAC Mumbai was earlier known as National Centre for Software Technology.

In the capacity as Executive Director, Zia Saquib initiated a number of research projects that later culminated into transferable technology such as Intrusion detection system based on human immunity, cyber-security for critical national infrastructure, fingerprint biometrics and iSCSi ( pronounced as eye scuzzy) -based storage networks. Most of this work is deployed in projects under National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) of Government of India.

Link: http://www.cdacmumbai.in/profile/ziasaquib.html